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Monday, 9 January 2017

About Flag

The earliest known flags were used in China to indicate different parts of the army. In Europe flags began with the Roman Vexillum, a Square flag used by Roman Cavalry. As far back as 5500 years, predynastic Egyptian pottery featured images called “vexilloids” (objects functioning as flags).

Flags have come a long way since. They are used in various fields with diverse connotations. There are Maritime flags, Festive flags, Organizational flags, Political flags, etc., but the most prominent and common usage is in the form of the National Flag. It is a banner of hope and freedom, its gently fluttering folds have proven an inspiration to untold millions, men have followed it into battle with unwavering courage, when soldiers die, it caresses their bodies with pride; it stands guard over the nations schools, the seedbed of good citizenship and true patriotism. A flag is the people it represents- no more, no less. Flags are more than just pieces of cloth – they’re expressions of Human history and culture. This art form though not recognized, deserves a special place in our society. Ours is an attempt to give this art form a small platform in the shape of Flag’s, a world cuisine restaurant.

The place plays host to a variety of flags in various mediums. Keeping in with our international theme, the menu comprise of world cuisine (Indian, Chinese, Thai, Arabic, Mexican, Italian, Spanish, Burmese, Russian, Mongolian, Swiss, Etc.) Each cuisine is well represented by its most popular delicacies perfected to the last detail. The menu reflects both, a sense of adventure and classical methods. Imagine a meal that marries Arabic flavors with the fire of Mexico, the delicate balance of China, traditions of Italy and the spices of India. Flag’s caters to each and everyone’s preference on one table. We take our food very seriously by making sure all of our ingredients are fresh and very well seasoned, adding bright and full flavors to the food. The restaurant with its funky interiors, together with service rich in style and charm, pampers all customers like few have experienced before. The foundation of any organization operating in a highly competitive business like ours is having the right people for the right job. We have realized this fact and hence over the last 4 years have recruited professionals for each department. 

We are situated at G-2, Metropole, Next to Inox Multiplex, Bund Garden Road, Pune-411 001. After strongly performing in Pune’s restaurant market we are planning to diversify our business in different kind of catering; for instance Banquet Catering, Out door Parties, Package Meals, etc.


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